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Listen to the (extended) pilot episode of SS Splendor - A Podcast Musical.



Producer, Co-Creator, Composer, and Lyricist: Alexander Ronneburg
Producer, Book Writer, Co-Creator, and Lyricist: Covi Loveridge Brannan
Director: Allison Gold
Sound Designer and Audio Production: Phillip Klassen
Orchestrator: Karl Ronneburg
Production Manager: Meredith Shell
Pianist/Arranger: Casey Reed
Piano Arranger: Lior Peeri
Digital Artist: Camilla Franklin

Lily: Sophie Zucker
Ryan: Austin Caldwell
Max: Nirvaan Pal
Charles: Leo Wiggins
Tina: Hayley Boggs
Cyrus: Brennan Caldwell
Neill: Jarahn Cosby
Professor Barnaclée: Benji Goldsmith
Fair-Weather Four: Max Mellman, Spencer Wight, Richard Townsend, Alexander Ronneburg
Chorus/Deck Hands: Jessica Ashleigh Pomeroy and Samuel Rachmuth

Special thanks to Diane Ragsdale, Leslie Stifelman, Kevin Newbury, Lucy Jackson, Alexander Guiney,

Matthew Wells, MA AME Cohort 2020, the Alsop Entrepreneurship Award Panel, and the

Mannes Musical Theater Lab.

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